Daily Archives: August 31, 2004

Resuming the Blog

Apologies for the delay in updating the blog. I’ve got a lot to talk about, but unfortunately on August 16 the hard drive on my laptop crashed. By sheer coincidence an hour earlier I’d copied all the files I was working on for my new book onto the family computer downstairs so I could print them out. So I had that. Otherwise I would have gone nutty for sure.
It looks like a controller failure, and there’s a chance if I order a new drive and swap controllers, I might get my data back. Otherwise, no chance. So I’m waiting to see if my local computer shop can locate one of those old (!) IBM 30 Gig drives…
Greg and I finally submitted the book on August 23, after incorporating the somewhat substantial review comments we received. For me, it’s really great when someone takes the time to carefully review and comment on a manuscript, even when the comments are negative. In fact, I’d rather have negative comments than the sort of fluffy stuff you get sometimes when a reviewer doesn’t really read a chapter.
Addison-Wesley has put the title on Amazon.com with a December ship date, so it finally looks like the end is in sight.
The worst parts are that my shoulders ache from all the typing, and that I have to somehow manage to keep the whole book in my head so that I can be sure it hangs together. The day before I was finished I could tell I was almost done, and it was like a fog lifting.