I’d just like to thank everyone who voted for my book in this year’s Reader’s Choice Awards.
It’s a tremendous honor, and it really comes at a good time since I’m currently struggling to finish up my new book, Web Services Integration, which I’m writing with Greg Lomow. I’ve just given the last chapter a final editorial pass so we can finally submit the manuscript.
While I’m at it, I’d like to thank Greg and Mary O’Brien at Addision Wesley for their patience. But I think in the end we’re going to have a good book, one that talks about the advanced Web services features such as transactions, reliability, security, and orchestration and how to use them to integrate with any execution environment from CORBA to J2EE to .NET, MQ Series, databases and more.
One of the hardest parts about writing a book like this is to maintain a focus on the value of the technology as an independent layer on top of any other kind of software system. Software companies naturally tend to adapt Web services technologies to whatever software they’ve been selling rather than focus on them as an independent technology in its own right. Yet the value of Web services is almost completely tied to this independence.
I’d like to think that the independent view provided in my first Web services book is one of the main reasons it won your support. Greg and I are working hard to maintain the same perspective in the new book.


One response to “Thanks!

  1. Congratulations!
    I fully agree with your statements on the new book. From many companies I talk to, they understand web services, but not how it fits into existing infrastructure.